So, what does one write after a long, five-year silence (with the exception of one or two announcement posts, that is)?

This blog has migrated from Typepad to WordPress and so all the official statistics (visitors, page-views, etc.) have gone to rest in the pixel graveyard somewhere in the ever-expanding and increasingly-nebulous netherworld we call cyberspace. One last check, though, revealed over 1.5 million page-views and thousands of unique visitors. These numbers alone affirm why I made the decision to throw in the towel for a season.

I first started this blog almost ten years ago as a means to simply upload photos and stories for my wife and kids to view and interact with as I traveled to over 90 different countries with my charity work. It also served as a therapeutic diary of sorts, allowing me to process a myriad of emotions while I danced close to the fire of human degradation and misery. What was initially engaged as a friendly tool to enlighten and involve my family soon morphed into an uncaring monster that craved constant flesh. As more and more people were drawn to the stories, observations and conclusions gleaned from visiting over 300 care models for orphaned, abandoned, abused and exploited children, the demands and expectations grew exponentially. I was supposed to be the master of the tool – it being the slave that served my explicit purposes. Instead, it became my master, commanding increasing sweat and service from me. I was enslaved. The joy had departed.

Many told me back then that I should choose a middle ground, something like a limit on how many posts I should do in a week or how many keystrokes each post should be restricted to. Looking back, I concede that there was wisdom in such words, but I’m typically an all-or-nothing kinda guy, not prone to doing things in half measures. I’ve since decided that the definition of a “full measure” is simply engaging the tool when, where and how I see fit, and not keeping it confined to narrow subjects that demand an ever-increasing depth of discourse.

And so, for the sake of sanity, creativity and continuity, I’ve decided that shorter and sporadic is better. And, although it sounds antithetical, I’ve also decided that broader is better. My initial thoughts are that I’ll lay down my random musings on Success & Significance, Faith & Family, Health & Hope, Entrepreneurship & Encouragement, Character & Charity, Life & Legacy. These are the things that appeal to me. Apparently, Alliteration also Appeals to me.

And so the reboot begins. No subscriptions saved. Thousands of subscribers discarded. Just me, zero followers, and unforgiving cyberspace.

But, at the end of the day, it’s just the start of another session of self-therapy.