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Author: Paul Myhill

Mend and Send

Ok…I’ve been asked to further expand on my "Western Sugar Daddy" orphanage comment. I’d like to do that in two steps. Firstly, let me simply use this entry to share another analogy – the new wave in private institutional hospitals versus the typical M*A*S*H Unit or field hospital. The correlation pertains to the Church itself, but is equally as applicable to expensive institutional orphanages versus economical church-based orphan homes. You may be familiar with the new private hospitals springing up around the country. These have become pretty glamorous affairs with bold architectural statements from top to bottom, inside and...

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A Vehicle for Ministry

A couple of days ago I was asked, "If the World Orphans ministry was a vehicle, what type of vehicle would it be?" I was also told to reply with a list of specific adjectives. My response was that I didn’t even need to think about it. It was already quite clear and obvious to me. I simply recounted the vehicle that I’ve come to know and love during visits to the majority world. World Orphans would be a Toyota Land Cruiser. But I don’t mean the luxury "soccer mom" models available here in the US. What I’m talking...

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Kathmandu: Sabena’s Story

KATHMANDU, NEPAL – 07/06 "It’s a good price…really!" she kept saying repetitiously. Bala, the skinny ten year-old girl with long wavy brown hair and large matching eyes shadowed my every step through the temple grounds at Durbar Square. Thrust within inches of my face was a fanned-out selection of colorful purses, each displaying a bold Nepalese weave designed to appeal to tourists. "How about two for 100 rupees?," she confidently inquired with a wide grin on her dusty face. Despite knowing better, I reached into my pocket and produced the agreed-upon amount. (Image: Paul and Sabena) She was trailed...

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New Beginnings

ORIGINAL POST DATE: 1/24/07 – DFW Airport He strutted into the airport terminal confidently with pressed black jeans, sharp dark jacket and hair slicked back. In his right hand was a single long-stemmed red rose. The young man was accompanied by a lone companion. By observing their interactions, I surmised that this was his closest friend, the one that he had asked along for a very special welcoming. They went up to the status screens to determine when the flight would arrive. Afterwards, they sat down and eagerly awaited the appearance of their passenger. The right leg of the...

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Talitha Remembered

ORIGINAL POST DATE: 1/18/2007 I sent the following letter last night to friends at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, TX: During our years at Bent Tree Bible, and in the years that have followed, David and Rhonda Ochoa and their beautiful family have been the dearest of friends to us. Living just a couple of blocks away from us, they were a part of our "mini-church." They were part of our first trip to Uganda in 1999. They were part of our daily lives – the sweetest of families with the sweetest of children. David and Rhonda always...

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