We found her abandoned on our doorstep on a cold, wintry day. Perfect features. Round blue eyes and a pert little nose set in the midst of a healthy complexion. Tiny fingers clutching a small baby bottle brimming with a milky-white liquid. A petite head devoid of baby hair.

Dressed in a pink onesie and matching bonnet, she was lying in a blanket-lined basket.

She was a newborn baby girl seemingly in need of our love and nurture…

…except for the fact that she was made of plastic at a toy factory in China.

I thought that maybe it was a joke, somebody leaving an unwanted infant on the threshold of the orphan-ministry family with the adopted Chinese daughter.

We made the rounds to try to ascertain whether somebody had thought it to be Hannah’s toy baby, returning it to us after finding it left in the cul-de-sac.


We then tried to discover if somebody had simply left the baby for Hannah, to be the next child to own and play with her.


A mystery.

Hannah has indeed adopted this abandoned baby as her own. For a two year-old, she certainly makes a great mother…pampering ‘baby’ constantly, sleeping with her, and reaching for her as the first waking activity each morning.

Unwanted by one.

Adored by another.