And so here we, working our way through the last day of 2009. Many of us are preparing for the celebrations tonight. Others are thinking about the year ahead, making grand plans and resolving to do or not do certain things for personal improvement or gratification. We live in a culture of ideas, dreams and choices.

But for many children tonight, there are no dreams for a better future. They are simply trying to make it through another tough night – seeking basic shelter, security and sustenance. Their only resolve is to survive. Quite a few of them won’t make it. In fact, many of them will actually be targets of tonight’s drunken revelry – the objects of New Year celebrations.

The hundreds of churches around the world that World Orphans works with are on watch tonight. They are the front-line response for these children. Whether it’s preventing or rescuing a child from trafficking in Cambodia, releasing them from the clutches of a sex tourist in Thailand, helping a child soldier in Burma find refuge, or providing a home for a child in Kenya who just lost her last relative to AIDS today, these churches are making a daily difference in the lives of over 30,000 children . . . and counting.

For many children, today may be the last day of their life. For us, today is a day of festivities and the last day of 2009 to get a tax deduction for our efforts to make a difference.

Before you dress up in your best and head out with friends tonight, can you take a couple of minutes to help orphaned, abandoned and trafficked children to have a hope and a future in 2010?

Here are a few ways to give:

Online at World Orphans Website

Online at the World Orphans FACEBOOK Cause


World Orphans
PO BOX 1840
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Donations received online or postmarked by midnight will receive a 2009 tax receipt.

Thanks for your heart for the children!

May God give you a blessed and joyous 2010!