The Ultimate Franchise

Dennis Rainey (CEO/President, FamilyLife): I think one of the reasons why I wanted you to come and share your story, Troy, was to give men and women who are in churches today a chance to picture and say, "You know what? I could picture our church doing that. I could start an orphan ministry in our church. I’m willing to champion that."

And so we created a resource called Launching an Orphan Ministry in Your Local Church. It’s got a DVD and eight steps on how you go about it. It’s very simple, but it’s just all designed to enable a layman or a laywoman to pour out their heart on behalf of the helpless.

And, frankly, as we’ve gotten involved with this, just as you have, Troy, I just count it a privilege to be the voice of the orphan, don’t you?

Troy Wiseman (Co-Founder/Chairman, World Orphans): Yes, amen, I do.

Dennis: I mean, just tell their story and challenge others to join with them. How have you benefited?

Troy: Well, you always benefit when you’re on these trips, and you see the kids. But to know that we started with twelve kids and now there’s forty there, and we have a little school we put in. The kids are working and selling school supplies to the neighborhood, they’re self-sufficient, and now some of them – the first ones – are going to college.

Dennis: Introduce us to one of those children. Just tell us about just one of them that you’ve had a chance to watch grow, grow up and now move on in life.

Troy: Okay, the first group of kids from the Nicaragua home. Part of that group were four brothers and sisters. One of the families that got involved said, "Look, I’m going to take care of this child. I’m going to, through my church, send the donation. And they went and visited the kids. It’s not just sending your money. Go see the kids, right? They basically did like any other parent, "You make good grades, and you want to go to college. I’ll send you to college." This was (a family) in a church in Florida.

And so (they’ve) had a relationship with this child ever since 1993, and now this child is in school. There’s thousands of stories. There are some sad stories, too, but there’s a lot of success. I just like to see their lives changed. And they love Jesus. And they’re going to heaven. And they’re getting to go to school. And they feel like they’re not abandoned.

So, you might not have a check. Go down and give them a hug.

Dennis: And now they have a roof over their head and someone to give them a hug and give them a little discipleship training and direction in their lives. What a great picture.

The Gospel is the power of God for salvation for the Jew and also for the gentile. We are orphans spiritually but fortunately our heavenly Father sent His son to adopt us and bring us back to the family. And I think it’s why caring for the orphan is such a central part to the Gospel, and that’s why, Troy, I’m thrilled you came and joined us here on FamilyLife Today.

In fact, I look forward to having you come back again and kind of tell us what happened as a result of these broadcasts and maybe we’ll hear the story of how you are now opening one children’s home a day. Talk about a great franchise.

You know, you think about fast-food franchises – this is the ultimate franchise.

From: FamilyLifeToday with Dennis Rainey
Broadcast date: 08/07/07
(Edited and Abridged)

This concludes the transcript excerpts from the two broadcasts that featured World Orphans on FamilyLife Today.


It is indeed the ultimate franchise. The ‘target market’ is millions of children. The ‘opportunity’ to reach this market is thousands of churches. Explosive growth is available because these churches are already specifically positioned for the opportunity, already positioned in the midst of the huge target market. They just need the right franchise partner to provide the needed additional resources.

I think back again to the analogy I provided concerning God’s distribution system for ministry. What a wonderful franchise opportunity the church of this generation presently has.

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