The United Nations and World Health Organization report that 10.5 million children – all under the age of five – die each year from "easily-preventable" conditions in the developing world. Malnutrition and unclean water are common or complicating factors in most of these deaths, but pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, measles, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy issues, and a whole host of related items, get the official credit on the death certificate.

Poverty and lack of access to decent healthcare are mitigating factors. Unavailable or unaffordable $1 vaccinations take their toll in a world where half the population – over 3 billion people – tries to survive on less than two dollars a day.

The UN/WHO annual child mortality number equates to 28,800 children dying each and every day – almost ten times the tragedy of 9/11…each and every day!

And these are just the children under the age of five!

Image if you increased that range to six years old? Seven years old? Eight years old?

Regardless, at least another 1,200 children under five (conservatively bringing the total to over 30,000 children) perish daily because of infanticide or sex-selective abortion. We can go on and on, but 30,000 is already significant enough a number.

30,000 little lives. 30,000 souls. 30,000 hopes and dreams.

30,000. Think about that number today. Pray about that number today.