On November, 11, 2011 (11-11-11) an amazing global collaboration is taking place. Bands, solo artists and a variety of other musicians are coming together in harmony for a worldwide stance against child trafficking and slavery. TODAY, OVER 27 MILLION PEOPLE ARE TRAFFICKED & ENSLAVED – caught up in brothels, barracks and factories. Over half of these slaves are CHILDREN. Children being raped for profit 10 to 20 times a day. Children trafficked into militias that kill their own families. Children forced to work 16-hours days at 1000-degree brick kilns. Children stolen. It’s time to jam up this global traffic! So, how can YOU be a part of this historic event?

Solo Artists & Bands

  • If you already have an event/gig scheduled for 11-11-11, simply incorporate the GLOBAL TRAFFIC JAM message into it. We’ll give you the info and resources to make it easy.
  • If you don’t have anything set for 11-11-11, go ahead schedule something for that date. You can dedicate your whole event to anti-trafficking, or feature the issue for a few minutes during your set. Again, we’ll give you the tools to help you communicate to your audience.
  • No venue is available (or scheduling/promotion time too short) for that date? – Do an unplugged set for a gathering of special friends instead.
  • Whole band isn’t available on that date? – Put together some solo performances instead.

Fans & Wannabe Promoters…

  • If you know a member of a local band, tap your inner music-promoter, and put together a show for them! We will give you the materials to help you and your event be a success.
  • If you know an owner or manager of a local venue (bar, nightclub, theater, restaurant, community center, church, etc.), see if you can work with them to arrange something in their space on 11-11-11. They may already know the perfect band or artist! If they already have live music scheduled for that date, try to incorporate the GLOBAL TRAFFIC JAM theme into the night’s schedule.